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EY Careers Spotlight

Feb 1, 2021

Today’s episode, which covers the topic of work life integration, will be conducted in English. It is a term that you are most certainly familiar with. In a nutshell, work life integration seeks to achieve a balanced allocation of time and attention among employees’ personal and profession lives without requiring them to sacrifice one for the other. Furthermore, work-life integration is designed to create synergies across all aspects of a person’s life, including workplace and livelihood, leisure and family time, community engagement, and health and wellbeing. EY fully understands that its employees lead fulfilling, vibrant, and varied lifestyles and we wish to support them in more effectively working together and connecting with one another. We can learn about this important process from Mundia, a Senior Manager at EY Switzerland’s Consulting practice. Mundia was nice enough to provide some valuable insight into her own work life integration, into what prompted her to venture outside of her comfort zone, and into what her daily routine looks like today.


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